In the October 2020 Balance Update, we will be making further adjustments to Telluria & Vela, Season III Heroes, Emblem rewards & Hero Talent learning costs. These changes are scheduled to go live on the 7th of October, 2020. We will start rolling out the changes at 06:00 AM UTC, and they should be live within an hour for all players. Please read the full list of changes here and more details below!

More Ways to Get Emblems

Based on your feedback and our internal data, we are making Hero Talents more cost-effective, so players can improve their Heroes at a lower resource cost. For the full list of improvements, please see the Balance Changes Release Notes.

Telluria & Vela Adjustments

Telluria and Vela are still, once again based both on our metrics and player feedback, too powerful when compared to the other top tier heroes. Despite the previous balancing passes, their use rate on Diamond Tier raids is much higher than what it should be. We believe that even the best heroes should not be present in the notable majority of defense or attack formations – and Telluria is, at worst, present in three out of four defense formations!

To address the issue we’re making further adjustments to the Special Skills of Telluria and Vela. These changes are necessary for the game balance and if they are not effective enough, we will continue doing similar changes in the future too.

Season III Heroes More Powerful than Before

We are also buffing many Season III Heroes to make them more dynamic and interesting to play with. Check out the full Release Notes to see the entire list of these Heroes!

Reset Emblem Improvement

Reset Emblems will be updated to refund 20% of the Food and Iron costs in addition to the Emblems. The refund is calculated using the new Iron & Food costs.

More Changes Coming Soon!

In the next update, we’ll have additional changes to add more variety to the game. Such as New War Rules - designed to challenge the players to try-out different War teams. Stay tuned for more information soon!

Additionally, we have improved the Legends Summon appearance rates which will be live in the next Tavern of Legends Event.

We hope these adjustments will make the game more interesting and enjoyable for everyone. As always, please do not hesitate to share your opinions on these upcoming Balance Changes on our Community Forum: