We are aware that some players on Android devices are unable to access the Gem Shop in the game, and are not receiving the in-game offers. We have put together some troubleshooting steps which have helped some players resolve this issue.

Some players have managed to resolve the issue by completely removing and then re-adding their Google Account from their device. Please note, doing this will not remove your progress, or delete your game, it will only delete the account on your device, you may, however, need to resign into various apps which are associated with this device. Please do not delete anything from the Google Play Games app directly. 

Please read the following information carefully before proceeding. 

Please take note of the Google Play account currently connected to your game. If you are unsure which account this is or which e-mail is connected to the account in question, you can check it in your Google Play Games app.

To remove and re-add your account please follow these steps. Please note, these steps may vary slightly based on your device and operating system:
  1. Open your Device Settings 
  2. Select 'Accounts' (some devices may read 'Cloud and Accounts' or 'Users and Accounts')
  3. Select 'Accounts' again 
  4. Choose the Google account which is connected to your Google Play Game account
  5. Tap 'Remove Account' and confirm the removal
    - If you have multiple Google Accounts on your device, some players have had success in resolving this, by removing all of them from the device. 
  6. Restart your device
  7. Once you have restarted the device Open your Google Play Games app
  8. You should have a prompt asking you to choose an account; when this pops up select 'Use Another account'
    - If you do not see this prompt when signing into Google Play Games, tap the profile icon in the upper right-hand corner of the app. You should be able to choose an account by then clicking on the dropdown menu
  9. Sign in to the Google Play Account which you just removed (please make sure it is the same account that is connected to your game)
  10. Open the game and ensure it is connected to the correct Google Play account
  11. You can do this by going to Options > Setting and tapping the Sign-In/Out button at the bottom
Should you come across any difficulties with this, please send a support request either through the in-game support button or through this direct link 

Please make sure to include your Account Identifier, Exact Player name and level when submitting a request outside of the in-game system!