EDIT (22 Jun): We have now forced the update and new Stronghold level, updated Alchemy Lab & Hero Academy have been now enabled!

We have now released the update for both iOS & Android. Please update your game!
Please note that Alchemy Lab will be disabled temporarily when you update your game, and will be available again once we enable the new buildings. All transmutations will be completed and resources for queued transmutations returned to players Inbox.

Updated Alchemy Lab, Hero Academy, and Stronghold Level 25 will be unlocked once we have fully released and forced the update.

Release Notes

  • Hero Academy added:
    • Train and Retrain heroes and troops
  • Alchemy Lab updated:
    • 10 new recipes added
    • Food, Material and Gem costs adjusted
    • Alkashard amounts adjusted
    • Alkashard combine rewards adjusted
    • Amount of Alkashards to combine reduced from 10000 to 1000
  • Empire of Sand Event updated:
    • New Easy difficulty added
    • Balance changes to Normal and Advanced difficulties
    • Two new special tiles
    • New Enemies
    • New Rewards
    • New Hero
  • Path of Valor updated:
    • New Challenges added
  • Balance Changes:
    • Captain of Diamonds:
      • Attacks a new target randomly if any minions were destroyed has been changed. Now, if the target had Minions, they will attack another enemy who has Minions. If none of the enemies have Minions, they will attack a random enemy. Each enemy can only be attacked once
    • Titanium Shield:
      • The amount of damage deflected back is now based on the rarity of the hero it is used on:
        • 1* 20% damage
        • 2* 40% damage
        • 3* 60% damage
        • 4* 80% damage
        • 5* 100% damage
  • Smaller fixes and changes:
    • Stonecleaves special skill now shows the number of turns left
    • Fixed a visual issue when Stonecleave was killed by a yellow titan and his portrait would go blank
    • An-Windrs special skill can now be reflected by riposte
    • Damage wave from An-Windrs buff won’t trigger upon death anymore
    • Fixed a visual bug where Lady Locke casts her special skill on her team while under Malosis status effect
    • Fixed a visual bug where some of specials animations that use chained attacks were not shown if they missed a hit e.g. Alfike firing only the cubes that hit the target
    • Fixed a bug where levelling up a troop in war preparation phase didn’t affect war defense team
    • Fixed a bug where sorting heroes by power didn’t show the correct order
    • The suggested alliance dialog will now be shown daily to all players who are not in an alliance (previously shown only to players below level 30)
    • Made Season III Province 7 Stage 10 easier on both Normal and Hard Modes
    • Made Nordri more powerful when encountered as a boss in the Season III Map Stages
    • Adjusted balance for the stages featuring Nordri
    • Fixed an issue where firing Alberich fast after Mother North, heroes would resurrect with minions but without Alberichs buffs
    • Fixed that Max HP reduction should be blocked by element reflect status effect