In any live game, it is sometimes necessary to make balance changes to maintain the integrity and keep it fun for the community.

When adding new Heroes to the game, our goals is to create them to be unique and desirable, but not overpowered. This is to make sure the overall balance of the game stays intact.

Each new Hero is carefully designed and tested by our team prior to gathering feedback in our Community. Thanks to this approach and to our dedicated players, we have had very few cases where the Hero's balance has needed to be changed after the Hero has been released.

As a general rule, we aim to make sure each Hero has a use at some stage of the game, however, we do not intend any single Hero to be either unbeatable or clearly the best one to use in all situations.

Whenever possible, when working to ensure balance, we try to avoid making Heroes weaker. However, if we notice that some Hero is clearly stronger than all the other Heroes of the same rarity, we are sometimes forced to "nerf" it instead of boosting all the other Heroes. These decisions are based on extensive player feedback and our internal data.

You can find changes to the game in the Announcement Section of our Support Pages.

We greatly appreciate our players and their feedback is essential to creating a game that is fun and engaging for everyone. We strongly encourage players to share their feedback regarding heroes and other game features on our Community Forum.