Raid Arenas were introduced in the 10.1 update. Collect Trophies to reach higher Raid Arenas. The chance for improved loot from the Hero: Wanted Mission chests increases as you reach the higher Arenas. The rewards are based on your current Raid Arena.

The Raid Arena you are placed in depends on the number of trophies you earn. 
  • Bronze: 0-600 
  • Silver: 600-1,200 
  • Gold: 1,200-1,800 
  • Platinum: 1,800-2,400 
  • Diamond: 2,400+ 
New Raid Missions are now available once you reach Stronghold level 12. You can find your new Missions for Raid Arena by Clicking the Menu tab on the bottom of your screen --> Missions Tab --> Raid Mastery. Unlock new avatars by completing Raid Mastery Missions.