Titan battles are special battles fought against powerful Titan enemies that can only be fought once you have joined an Alliance. 

Titans have special weak points you can hit to deal more damage and temporarily stun the Titan; otherwise, they attack you each turn. Titans also have a mana gauge that fills up every time you attack them. Once the gauge is filled, the Titan will launch a powerful special attack. To find out what each titan's special skill is, press the question mark under its name next to 'Special Skill' on the Titan battle page. To access this page, Tap the Titans tab under Alliance, and tap 'Attack'.

You will receive a score and rewards based on the damage you inflicted on the Titan. You will receive the rewards once it has been defeated - or if undefeated - once it has escaped. You can compare your score to your other Alliance members' scores on the Alliance menu's 'Titans' category. Fighting a Titan costs one Titan energy, meaning you will usually be able to attack one Titan three times before running out of energy.

Titan battles can be rather difficult, so bringing your strongest Heroes as well as some Battle Items is advised. All Titan battles are timed, so pick every move carefully! (Please note 'Time Stop' battle item will not stop the titan timer; as written in its description, it will remove the opponents' mana and delay their attack by 3 turns).