Raid Tournaments are Raids with special rules that change every week. You will receive rewards based on your raiding skills. You can access Raid Tournaments by tapping the Raids icon in the main base view and then selecting Tournaments.

Preparation Phase

The Preparation Phase lasts for one day. During the Preparation Phase, you prepare your Defense Team. The Defense Team cannot be changed after the Preparation Phase has ended. You will receive Defense Points at the end of each Battle Day. The amount of points depends on the performance of your Defense Team. You can only use Defense Teams that match the event rules.

Battle Phase

The Battle Phase lasts for five days. You have five attacks each day. Each opponent you face in raids has a Difficulty Bonus that is determined based on the performance of their Defense Team compared to your previous attacks. You can only use Attack Teams that match the Tournament rules. If your attacks result in a Defeat four times, you are Defeated and cannot continue in this Raid Tournament. You can use Gems to reset your Defeats and continue. Your Defense Team will still get Defense Points even after you have been Defeated.

Special Rules

Each Raid Tournament has a Special Rule and additional limitations for Hero and Troop rarities and elements. Currently, Raid Tournaments have three Special Rules:
  • Rush Attack: All Special Skills are Very Fast.
  • Bloody Battle: Healing has no effect.
  • Buff Booster: Each active buff gives +20% attack.

Scores & Rewards

Your final Score determines your Reward Tier. You only get rewards from the highest Reward Tier that you belong to. The rewards are given after the Battle Phase ends. The next Raid Tournament begins two days after the previous one ends. 
Raid Tournaments are scored based on four factors:
  • Enemies killed: The amount of enemies killed during your attack.
  • Winning: Victorious attack will award extra points.
  • Difficulty Bonus: Winning the attack will award points based on comparing the performance of the opponent’s defense team with the performance of your attacks.
  • Defense Team Grade: Your defense team will receive points at the end of each Battle Day based on their performance.

Happy raiding! Remember to check out our Community Forum for more news and discussion about Raid Tournaments.