There are rules in place that reduce the Titan loot when you leave your Alliance. The purpose of this is to encourage players to stay and grow with their Alliance. Reduced loot means your loot tier is half of what it would have been.

You will receive reduced Titan Loot in the following situations:

- It has been less than 20 hours since you last earned full (non-reduced) Titan loot

- You have joined an Alliance after a Titan has already spawned

Additionally, in the case of Rare Titans you will receive reduced loot if it has been less than 12 days since you last earned full Rare Titan loot

For example:

1 - Together, with your Alliance, you kill a Titan and receive full loot in accordance with your performance tier. For the next 20 hours, if you leave your Alliance and join another one, you will receive reduced loot. After 20 hours has passed since the previous Titan has been processed, you will now be eligible again for full loot provided you were in an Alliance before the defeated Titan spawns.

2 - It has been 20 hours since you last collected your full Titan loot and you join an Alliance that has a Rare Titan which has spawned before you joined. You will receive reduced loot because you joined the Alliance after the Titan had spawned.