Battle Items are items that can be used in fights against enemies in the Provinces & Quests, as well as in Titan Battles. (Remember that Battle Items cannot be used in Raid battles.)  Different Battle Items can be used to damage opponents, heal your Heroes or temporarily boost your Heroes' stats.

You can equip Battle Items to your teams in the ”Edit Team” view. To equip a Battle Item, press an empty slot under ”Battle Items” and select the item you wish to equip. Battle Items can also be viewed in the Inventory's ”Battle Items” category.

You can remove equipped battle items by selecting an item and then pressing the red X on the top right corner of the equipped item. If you forget what an item does, you can press the blue question mark on the top right corner of the item for information.

Battle Items can be crafted in the Forge but can also be received as rewards from Wanted Missions, Titan Battles and Challenge Events.