Loot Tickets can be received as a reward from Wanted Missions, Titan Battles and Alliance Wars.
If you have the VIP Pass (30 or 365 Day) you will also receive 3 Loot Tickets daily with your 30 Daily Gems. You do not need to buy another VIP Pass to receive Loot Tickets if you already have an existing one; you will automatically start receiving them.

Once received, the Loot Tickets can be found in your Inventory > General. There you can check how many you have.

Loot Tickets are used for replaying already completed story stages on the Story Map instantly.

Once on the chosen Province Level, you can choose 'Auto Win'. You can also choose the amount of Loot Tickets to be used per Level, this corresponds to how many times you wish to instantly complete it. You will always win and receive the Loot for that battle when you use a Loot Ticket.

This also applies for Season 2 levels after you have completed both Normal and Hard Mode of each Level.

Please note that Loot Tickets can only be used for battles on the Story Map (except Titans). They cannot be used for Quests including Rare, Challenge, Special Events, or Raiding (PVP).