High-level ascension materials (3 and 4-star) are rare by design but there are several ways to get them. You are guaranteed a 3 or 4-star ascension item from completing the following:

- Atlantis Bonus Ascension Items Chests
- Seasonal Events
- Challenge Events
- Rare Quests
- Special in-game Offers

There are also several other methods which give you a chance to receive a 3 or 4-star ascension item:

- Loot from later provinces of Season 1 & 2 has a chance for some of the rare three-star ascension materials
- Wanted Mission rewards and high-level Titan loot. Please note - you have a higher chance of receiving high-level ascension items from Gold and Platinum Arena Wanted Mission Chests
- Alliance Wars loot
- Alliance War Chest loot
- Mystic Vision
- Raid Tournament loot