The VIP Pass allows you daily rewards as long as it's active. 

You have to log into the game to collect the extra daily rewards. Rewards that are not collected cannot be collected at a later date. 

Multiple purchases of the VIP Pass extend the duration of the VIP Pass automatically. Once you have reached the maximum duration of VIP Pass purchases, you won't be able to extend your VIP duration at that time. Please note - the VIP Pass does not renew automatically. 
How Do I Get One?
You can purchase the VIP pass in the in-game Shop under the Gems tab and by pressing the 'Get' button on the VIP banner.
What Do I Get With It?

With the VIP Pass you get:
  • 30 Daily Gems which you can collect from you Pet Dragon! With 30 Day Pass you'll get 900 gems total and with the 365 Day Pass 10 950 gems total (If you collect the gems each day)
  • 3 Daily Loot Tickets with the 30 Daily Gems
  • 1 Daily Hero Class Emblem with the 30 Daily Gems
  • Second Builder, that allows you to upgrade two buildings at once!
  • Bonus Daily Summon! (Please note that if the Free Daily Summon is done before the VIP Pass is purchased, the VIP Bonus Daily Summon will be available in the next Free Daily Summon after the cooldown)