There are no "hacks" or "mods" to get Gems outside of the game. Gems can only be purchased through an official storefront connected to your game, where all purchases are processed securely by a payment platform.
You may have noticed third-party websites offering free Gems. Please note that none of these is safe to use and is not endorsed by Small Giant Games. When you are unsure whether or not a website with Empires & Puzzles-related content is official, please contact support. Never give out any of your personal details (such as your Game Center or Google Play credentials)!
Purchasing Gems from a third-party seller, or refunding a valid purchase, is fraudulent and will lead to permanent suspension of your account. Please review our Refund Policy.
Sharing your login information — such as your Google Play or Game Center account information — is a violation of our Terms of Service.
If you see anyone spreading suspicious websites or advertising free or discounted Gems, please report them via the in-game Support button, providing as much detailed information as possible.