Heroes of the Month are exclusive heroes only available in the Summons during a certain month. Once the month ends, the Hero changes and the previous month's Hero becomes unavailable. The Hero of the Month changes according to the game's timezone (UTC/GMT).

Each Elemental Summon, Event Summon and Epic Hero Summon has a chance for a free extra summon of the Hero of the Month. However, these Heroes are meant to be rare, and we cannot guarantee that you will receive one, even if you summon a great number of Heroes.

The Atlantis Summon also includes previous Heroes of the Month. Click here to find more information on the Atlantis Summon.

Please note that Heroes of the Month are not available from the Training Camps.

Though these limited-time Heroes are only available during their respective months, we are looking into the possibility of bringing old Heroes of the Month to the Summons in the future. So keep an eye on the updates!