Editing Your Team

You switch Heroes in and out of your team by pressing the Hero you want to switch out in the "Edit Team" view and then either pressing the red X on the Hero to remove them from the team, or selecting another Hero from your Hero Roster to replace the Hero.
Selecting the Defence Team

Defence Team is used, when other players raid you. These Raids typically happen when you are offline. You can assign a Defence Team in “Edit Team” -view by pressing the “Defence Team” button. Defence Team is selected, when the Raid symbol is visible on the “Defence Team” button.


When you want to raid another player, the team you’re going to attack with is selected in the “Ready To Battle” view under your player information.

At this point, you still have an option to Edit your teams by pressing the “Edit Team” button. This will open a new view, where you can edit and view your existing teams. Please note however, the team you last viewed at this point, will not be automatically chosen as your attack team.

The Team that you wish to use in a Raid must be selected and visible in the “Ready To Battle” view when you press “Attack”.