Each Hero can Ascend after reaching a certain level to significantly boost the Hero’s stats. You can Ascend a Hero by:
  1. Selecting it from your Hero Roster
  2. Pressing “Ascend”. The number of levels needed for Ascension can be viewed in each Hero’s Ascension screen.
Heroes also need special Ascension Items in order to Ascend. High-level ascension materials are rare by design, but there are several ways to get them:
  • Loot from later provinces has a chance for most of the rare Ascension materials
  • Rare Quests include many of the rare Ascension materials as guaranteed loot
  • Wanted mission rewards and high-level Titan loot have a chance to give out any high-level ascension material
The more stars a Hero has, the more times it can Ascend. (4 and 5 star heroes can Ascend 3 times, 2 and 3 star Heroes twice and one stars once).

Ascended Heroes will reset back to level 1, but their power will be far greater than it was before.