The Alchemy Lab is an advanced building which allows you to transmute Battle Items, Crafting Materials and Ascension Materials into higher-level items and materials.

The Alchemy Lab feature becomes available once your Stronghold has been upgraded to level 23. Once the Stronghold has been upgraded, you can convert a building to the Alchemy Lab that is over level 5 which offers you the option to 'convert'. Mines, Farms, Training Camps or Forges can be converted into the Lab.

Converting a building to an Alchemy Lab costs Iron. Once you have upgraded a building to the Alchemy Lab, you can move it by converting any suitable building without a cost or loss of progress.

The Alchemy Lab has 10 levels. Upgrading the Alchemy Lab unlocks new Transmutation Recipes and the ability to craft multiple different recipes in the Lab simultaneously (up to 3). Please note, that while multiple recipes can be in progress at once, it is only possible to research one recipe at a time.

Each Transmutation in the Alchemy Lab will produce Alkashards as a by-product of the recipe. Combining 10000 Alkashards can create an Epic Ascension Item, Legendary Battle Item or Class Emblems.