As Empires & Puzzles is an online and social multiplayer mobile game, a good community of players is important. Interacting with other players can really help you get even more enjoyment out of the game!

Joining a friendly and active Alliance can really help you evolve as a player in the game, as your fellow members are a great source for advice, gameplay tips and encouragement on your adventures. And of course, good teamwork and a positive attitude help everyone to have a good time while playing the game!

You can also find a friendly and active community outside your Alliance and even outside the game, as our players are always happy to help you. The Peer Support Channel in the Chat is a great way to get quick gameplay help and tips from other players. (To ensure that everyone is having a good time in the chat, don't forget our Chat Rules & Guidelines)

We also have an Official Community Forum (The Official Forum language is English), where our players share not only their ideas and suggestions, but also their various Game Play Guides and discuss Raid Strategies and team building tactics for all kinds of battles.

Don’t be shy to take a part in the active community of Empires & Puzzles. You’re always welcome to join!