If you are ever in need of extra Heroes, they can be Summoned through the Summon Gate. Heroes and Troops of all shapes and sizes are available in exchange for Gems and Hero Tokens.
  • As the name implies, you can Summon one Hero or Troop every day in the Daily Summon. These Heroes and Troops are limited, however, to one-starred, two-starred and three-starred ones
  • You can summon more powerful Heroes from the Epic Hero Summon. An Epic Summon will give you an at least three star Hero with the possibility of four and five-star Heroes
  • The Elemental Summon behaves likewise, with an increased chance for five-star Heroes but limited to Heroes of a certain Color. The Elemental Summon’s colour changes every two days
  • The Epic Troop Summon can be used to summon Troops. A Summon guarantees you receive a three star Rare Troop with a possibility of a four star Epic Troop
Summons usually cost Gems, but there are special Tokens which will give you a free Summon:
  • Summon Tokens give you another free Daily Summon
  • Epic Hero Tokens allow you to do a free Epic Hero Summon
  • Epic Troop Tokens enable an Epic Troop Summon.
There is also a chance to receive a different Hero of the Month from any Elemental or Epic Summon each month. Please note that this means that not every Elemental or Epic Summon results in summoning a Hero of the Month.