Empires & Puzzles is free to download and play.

We do offer in-game purchases (such as gems currency) for real money for players who prefer to play at a slightly faster pace. However, the chances of receiving loot or Heroes are the same for all players.

All items available for purchase can be earned as you progress through the game. Whether you spend real money or not, we want to ensure all players have an equal chance to play.

Gems are intended as a way to get more fun out of the game if you choose to use them. The Gem economy is designed to strike a good balance between cost and effectiveness. There are several ways to get Gems for free:
  • You can earn Gems by completing Missions
  • Wanted Chests commonly include Gems
  • Titan Loot can include Gems
  • Some Quests have Gems as rewards
  • The Mystic Tower has a chance for Gems twice a day
(Please note: all transactions are handled entirely by your App store. Small Giant Games do not have access to, or store any private billing information on our servers).