Technical issues in the game are rare, but can happen. If you suspect there has been a bug in your game, it has likely affected other players as well. Please refer to our Announcements: Known Issues page. All current and solved technical issues will be posted and updated by our team.

If you have not found a solution from the Announcements page, we highly recommend the Bugs and Issues category of our Community Forum. There will you find other players who may have experienced the same issue, and information on when to contact Support. As you scroll down, you will see a variety of technical issues and suggested solutions (remember not to start a new thread if one already exists!).

If the issue persists and you have not been able to find a solution on the Community Forum, please contact Customer Support by submitting a ticket in-game.

When reporting a bug to Customer Support, try to be as specific as possible in describing the issue. Please structure your report in the following way:
  • Exact date and time (including timezone) that you experienced the issue.
  • Build Version of your game (E.g. 26.0.3 Build 1223. You can find this information by checking the 'About' tab of your menu in-game).
  • Describe how you experienced the problem. You could use the following style as an example:
1. I opened the view 'xxxxx' (Describe first what you were doing immediately before you experienced the problem)
2. I pressed the button 'xxxxx' (Describe second what you did when the problem occurred)
3. A Pop up window shows error 'xxxxx' (Describe lastly what resulted)

  • How often can you replicate this issue? (Did it only happen once or can you replicate the issue consistently?)
  • Please send through a screenshot or screen recording showing the issue

We are partnering with BugCrowd to make it easier - and more lucrative - to report vulnerabilities in the game. Please find more information about this in the article: The Vulnerability Bug Program (English only).