Empires & Puzzles has been implemented in a way that makes it impossible to cheat under normal circumstances. We want to make the game fair and enjoyable for everybody. If you believe you have spotted a bug or a vulnerability in the game that can be exploited or gives an unfair advantage to somebody, please do not hesitate to contact our Support team with details.
We will thoroughly investigate and take the appropriate steps to resolve any potential issue, as long as you can describe the exploit in detail. Please provide comprehensive answers to as many of the following points as you can:
  1. Describe the issue and how it affects gameplay.
  2. Where is the vulnerability found (view in the game, place, type of battle, hero, etc.)?
  3. If you have tested this on your account, please inform us of the date and time, so we can examine the logs (please note this will not result in any negative repercussions on your account!)
  4. If possible, please add screenshots and/or videos (or a link to one)
  5. If you've seen this exploit discussed on the Community Forum (or elsewhere), please include the link in your support request.
We greatly appreciate our active and enthusiastic Community. In addition to helping keep the game fair for yourself and your fellow players, the first person to report a given vulnerability that is reproducible and actionable will receive an in-game gift as a thank you.
Please do note that knowingly exploiting any bugs (for example, to gain an advantage for yourself, harm other users, or otherwise interfere with intended gameplay) along with any different kind of cheating and abuse of the system violates our Terms of Service.
We have more information about our policies regarding cheating here: Remember to play fair - don’t be a cheat!