You can earn rewards if your friend starts playing Empires & Puzzles via your invite link. Generate your invite link by clicking on the invite button found in your Inbox under the Invites tab.

Invites are successful when your friends reach experience level 10. You can then claim your rewards. Your friend will get 100 Gems and a free 10-day VIP Pass by reaching experience level 5.

Please note - The appropriate channels for sending the invitation forward are given when using the Friend Invite tool. Friend invites are intended to be shared outside of the game with your friends who are not already playing Empires & Puzzles. Sharing your friend invite code/link in-game is against the intention of the feature.

The invited player can check the status of their invite by going to Inbox > Invites.

I Didn't Receive the Reward/Invite Failed!

The reason why the invite can fail or the rewards are not given can be due to following reasons:
  • The player who is invited needs to be a new player and starts the game from the beginning
  • The player who is invited has never installed Empires & Puzzles before on their device; The current system is able to tell whether or not the invited person is a new player. If it detects the invited person is already an existing user then it will not register the invite
  • The link was incorrect (written wrong or altered in any way)
  • You can only receive the reward when your friends join the game through your link