It is not possible to hack an Empires & Puzzles account.
“Hacks” can only occur if a user somehow acquires your personal Google or Apple login information, so it’s up to you to keep your information safe. Small Giant cannot ensure the security of any account (or your Heroes!) if it has been accessed by another person.  
How to Keep your account safe:
  1. Never share your Game Center/Google Play info, or passwords with anyone - not even us! Small Giant Staff will NEVER ask for your login details
  2. Avoid logging into your account on someone else's device
  3. If you're purchasing in-game currency, only do so in-game. Online “gem shops” trade in stolen credit card information and stolen accounts
REMEMBER – Do not trust websites that promise you free Gems. That’s how they steal your account.

If you believe your game has been compromised, please follow these instructions: