Unfortunately, any inappropriate behavior that occurs outside of our game is beyond our control. We would strongly recommend that you immediately contact the Customer Support for whichever Communication App, Forum or Unofficial Group that was used when the incident(s) in question occurred.

If you do witness inappropriate behavior in our game, please contact us and we will investigate as needed. The best way to report players is by using the report button in the chat. We are continuously checking the reports sent through the chat. We take each player report seriously, and require all players to follow our Code of Conduct.

In the chat feature of our game you can also block another player to ensure you don't have to read anything they write. If you wish not to communicate with other people or find the whole chat unnecessary, tap the text that they have written and select 'Block'.

Blocking a player in the game means that you cannot see messages sent by the blocked player. Please note that this is not the same as the Report function, which sends a report of the player to the developers of the game.