We answer all player support requests as quickly as we can. It's possible we simply haven't gotten to yours yet. Please expect two business days for your request to be processed. To ensure the most efficient customer support, please include all relevant details as well as double-checking the information you have provided is correct.

Should I submit another request?

No, if you're waiting for a response, please don't send in additional support requests. This will slow down support times and can cause confusion when understanding your request.

If you need to add more information to a request that you already sent, please reply to the message that you received instead of submitting a new support request.
Please note; If you have contacted us via web form due to not being able to access the game, you will receive a response to the email address you have filled in the form. It is also possible that we've replied, but the email was sent to the Junk or Spam folder of your inbox so make sure to check them too!

Any support request containing abusive or offensive language are not read and automatically closed.