Should you seek to have a valid purchase refunded by a payment platform, Small Giant Games reserves the right to revoke access to any content related to that purchase or even suspend your account as result.

Revoking access to said content means that we may remove Gems or items from your account even if the result is a negative Gem count. A positive Gem count can be restored by either playing the game or by making in-app purchases from the game.

As Empires & Puzzles is an online multiplayer game, reversing progress or refunding valid purchases would provide you something for free, which wouldn't be fair to other players. Same rules apply to every player.

To prevent accidental purchases and to avoid unauthorised access to your account, please keep your account secure and never share your game account details (such as Game Center or Google Play credentials) with anyone. Please remember that you are solely responsible for anything that happens through your account, including all uses of the login information and purchases made, whether or not they are authorised by you. Read more from our Terms of Service.