With the release of Version 68, the Timesaver VIP Pass system is getting revamped! These changes will go into effect once all players are on Version 68.

There will still be three tiers for the Timesaver VIP (Mini, Standard, and Premium), but the content of the Standard and Premium tiers will change. There will be a new and improved Premium Pass with more rewards and perks. Please see the full list of changes below:

The current Standard Timesaver VIP is being discontinued. If you currently have a Standard Timesaver VIP Pass, its remaining duration will be transferred to the new Standard Timesaver VIP Pass. Your pet dragon will be switched to the Onyx Dragon. 

The current Premium Timesaver VIP will become the new Standard Timesaver VIP.
NOTE: The new Standard Timesaver VIP is the exact same product as the current Premium Timesaver VIP. If you currently have a Premium Timesaver VIP Pass, it will be renamed, but you will continue to receive the exact same benefits:

  • Daily rewards (6 Loot Tickets & 6 Time Skips)
  • Unlocks Fast Battle mode
  • Loot Tickets can be used in Quest Stages
  • Onyx Pet Dragon

(NEW) Premium Timesaver VIP includes the following:

  •  Instant ad skip for Mystic Vision (all 3 tiers)
  •  Instant ad skip for Mystic Summons (both Daily and Legendary)
  •  More daily rewards (9 Loot Tickets & 9 Time Skips)
  •  Unlocks Fast Battle mode
  •  Loot Tickets can be used in Quest Stages
  •  Crystal Pet Dragon

For more details on how the Timesaver VIP pass works, please see our FAQ article What is the Timesaver VIP and How Does it Work?