Release Notes


Lunar New Year event returns

Feb. 8, 07:00 UTC – Feb. 26, 07:00 UTC

  • Updated seasonal calendar with new Bonus Chest

  • Event booster offer added

New Lunar Heroes:

  • Legendary

    • Qinglong

    • Gongniu

New Mystic Vision levels

The Mystic Tower is gaining new floors!
Note: this feature will be enabled later

  • Bottom floor is the existing Mystic Vision

  • Middle floor is the new Epic Mystic Vision

    • Better rewards, longer cooldown

  • Top floor is the new Legendary Mystic Vision

    • Best rewards, longest cooldown

Contest of Elements Summon

  • The minimum age of a Hero to be included in the Summon Gate has been reduced from 180 days to 60 days

E&P’s 7th birthday

Feb. 27, 07:00 UTC – Mar. 5, 07:00 UTC

Birthday Summon

  • This summon includes a specially curated pool of Heroes with NO Classic Heroes

  • 2 new Gargoyle Heroes

    • Garten

    • Pophit

  • Choose your featured Hero (3 slots)

  • Get an additional non-featured Legendary Hero for every Legendary Hero you summon


Changes to event calendar

We are making some minor tweaks to the scheduling of events.

  • The interval between instances of an event will remain the same

  • The distribution of events will be more even to reduce overlap and increase the number of days with playable events

  • The first schedule changes will appear in the week beginning on Jan. 29

  • Keep an eye out for the official February calendar of events on our official website!




  • Added "New" tag for new featured costumes

  • Updated icon for Max's status effect that reduces damage from attacks and special skills of the stronger element

  • Updated icon for Becky's ailment to better distinguish it from other ailments that used similar icons

  • Made Max HP reduction battle notification easier to read in Finnish

  • Adjusted the wording of Morax's passive skill to increase its clarity

  • Food/Iron costs for leveling up troops are now not shown when the required amount is zero

  • Changed the icon for Legendary Troop summon bonus chest

  • Unclaimed Legendary Troop summon chests are now auto collected after the summon period has ended

  • Legendary Troop Token has been renamed to Legendary Troop Coin, and the item image has been updated

  • Added a counter to the Legendary Troop Summon that shows the number of Legendary Troop Coins a player has available

  • Added a new indicator that shows up on the Barracks building when a player has a troop that is eligible for conversion into a legendary troop

  • Choose your featured Hero: the player’s choice is now saved automatically as soon as a Hero in the list is tapped. No confirmation is needed


  • Fixed a bug where max stat toggle was incorrectly shown when inspecting other player's heroes

  • Dodge and Miss no longer prevent Anne's Special Skill from targeting additional enemies

  • Fixed an issue where values were missing in Giant Harpoon item description

  • Fixed an issue where Legendary Troop's extra healing passive wasn't triggered by Raffaele's heal

  • Fixed an issue where the note indicating that the preview values are those of a max level troop was shown when inspecting a lvl 1 troop after summoning one, or when inspecting another player’s team

  • Fixed an issue where buffs applied immediately after an ally was revived did not show up on the hero portrait. The buffs now show correctly

  • Fixed an issue where the mindless attack would trigger even after all the enemies had been defeated

  • Fixed Deadboot's special skill description to use "steal" instead of "lift" to be consistent with other skills that steal buffs

  • Fixed an issue with Challenge Event Approaching icon overlapping other events in the Quests view

  • Fixed an issue where Path of Valor event challenges would sometimes start later than the corresponding event, so that early progress was not counted towards the challenges

  • Fixed an issue where current balance of Iron was missing from Troop level up screen

  • Fixed an issue with Tametomo's special skill where enemies adjacent to the target received more damage than indicated by the skill description

  • Fixed an issue with Desmond's special skill animation

  • Fixed an issue on devices with tall screens that prevented players from collecting the bonus chest on the Legendary Troop summon

  • The "Untold Tales I Combat, Defeat Untold Tales I Bosses VI" mission progress now correctly counts when Gestalt is defeated in Map stages and not in Raids