Minions are entities that are summoned onto a Hero. They inherit some HP and Attack power from the Hero who summons them. If a Minion is summoned by an event stage property or Alliance War rule, stats are inherited from the owner Hero instead. Minions are applied to one or more targets and generally provide some positive effects, depending on the type of Minion. The specific benefits of a Minion are shown on the owner’s hero card when active.

Damage targeted at a Hero with an active Minion will first be subtracted from the Minion’s health before affecting the Hero unless a Special Skill allows damage to bypass the Minion. When the Minion’s health reaches 0, it is removed. Certain Special Skills can also remove Minions. 

A single Hero can have up to 3 Minions or Fiends active at a time. If there are already 3 when a new Minion or Fiend is summoned, the oldest one will be replaced. Read more about Fiends here: What are Fiends?