Legendary Troops boost the stats of the Hero on which they are equipped, and grant a bonus to mana generation. Additionally, each Legendary Troop is linked to two Hero Classes, e.g. Barbarian and Druid. Equipping a Legendary Troop on a Hero of a matching class will grant a passive effect and additional stat bonuses that stack with the base stat bonuses.

There are two ways to acquire Legendary Troops – summon from the Legendary Troop Summon Gate, or convert an Epic Troop in the Barracks building.

Legendary Troops come in a total of 50 varieties – 10 types with a primary and secondary linked Hero Class, in all 5 elements. Each time the Legendary Troop Summon Gate is active, 2 of the 10 Legendary Troop types linked to the same Hero Classes, e.g.  Cleric and Fighter, will be available to summon.  Legendary Troop Summons can be performed using Legendary Troop Tokens or Gems. 

Here are the steps for converting an Epic Troop to a Legendary Troop. Please note that your Barracks must reach Level 10 to unlock conversion.

  1. Begin by opening the Barracks and tapping the “Convert” tab.
  2. Select the Epic Troop you will sacrifice for conversion. This troop must be level 26-30 (the minimum required level increases based on the number of conversions already completed).
  3. Then choose which one of the 10 Legendary Troop types of the same element you wish to receive at level 1 from the conversion.
  4. Tap the “Convert” button. This will consume the selected Epic Troop, plus a conversion cost of Iron and Class Emblems matching the Legendary Troop’s primary linked Hero Class.
  5. Receive your brand-new Legendary Troop instantly!

Once you have completed a Legendary Troop conversion, there is a 28-day cooldown before you can perform another conversion.

Leveling up a Legendary Troop requires Iron at every level, and primary Class Emblems at levels 10, 20, and 30 to increase the matching class stat bonuses.