Dear Community:

We have some great news to share with you today — we’ll be improving how Rare Quests and Mirages of Omega quests are scheduled! If all goes well, this change will be included in the Version 61 update, which we’re looking to release sometime next month.

Currently, Rare Quests and Mirages of Omega quests are randomly generated at semi-regular intervals according to certain rules and restrictions. You may already be aware of some of these restrictions — for instance, the two quests never run concurrently, and neither are allowed to appear when a Challenge Event is ongoing.

Fun historical tidbit: The “no overlapping with Challenge Events” restriction was actually implemented by player request several years ago. Back then, World Energy was more precious than it is today, as player levels were a lot lower and Flasks were harder to come by. At this point in time, however, the rules and restrictions governing the generation of these quests no longer seem to be beneficial to, or welcomed by, our players.

We will be switching to a fixed-interval, 28-day cycle (see below) in which a Rare Quest or a Mirages of Omega quest will always appear at 07:00 UTC every week on [???]day. This change will also allow us to start including these quests in our official monthly event calendars!

[Rare Quest → Rare Quest → Rare Quest → Mirages of Omega →↻]

Now, this new cycle is guaranteed to generate 39 Rare Quests and 13 Mirages of Omega quests a year. According to our logs, however, over the past few years we’ve had a rather steady yearly average of 43 Rare Quests and 13 Mirages of Omega quests. To make up this difference of 4 Rare Quests, we will manually add in 4 extra Rare Quests a year at our discretion. These “extra” Rare Quests will also be marked on our monthly event calendars!

Finally, the most important part of this announcement: On which day of the week should these quests start? We had our own ideas, but figured that it would be best (and most fun!) if the players actually got to decide this one. Please cast your vote HERE!

Thank you always for your continued interest and support. Best of luck in the battles!