It is sometimes possible for players with relatively close scores to be ranked equally, or for players with slightly lower scores to rank a bit above players with slightly higher scores. The ranking system used in events with rank-based rewards is NOT solely based on a player's final score — several different factors influence final rankings.

For example, in Tower Events, your final ranking is affected by both your final score and how far you made it in the Tower; a player who cleared 10 Floors and got a final score of 499 will be ranked higher than a player who cleared 9 Floors and got a final score of 500. The scoring and ranking criteria for an event can usually be found in that event's Event Rules menu or dialog box.

We want to assure players that the rank-based rewards distributed to players in these types of events are fair and accurate. Please keep in mind that "rank-based" rewards are NOT "percentile rank-based" rewards! Another player ranking slightly higher than you will not increase your chances of being pushed out of a specific reward tier.