The Giants Pass is a purchasable offer that allows the player to earn Premium Rewards in addition to the Free Rewards when you reach each Milestone on the Path of Giants. Purchasing the Pass does not guarantee the player will be able to complete the Path and collect all of the rewards. The pass is valid from when it is purchased until the end of the ongoing Path of Giants Event. Each Path of Giants event is active for 28 days.

Players will earn Giants Points as they complete various Daily and Weekly Challenges in the Path of Giants. Accumulating Giants Points lets players reach Milestones and unlock fantastic rewards! There are a total of 30 Milestones, and each one can have Free and Premium Rewards. Players can check which rewards are available for each Milestone by tapping on the in-game Paths of Adventure icon, then the “Path of Giants” tab, and then the "Rewards" tab. 

When one Path of Giants closes, any active Giants Pass will end, and all unclaimed rewards will be automatically claimed. A new Path of Giants will open soon afterward. 

Please note that only one Giants Pass (Giants Pass / Elite Giants Pass) can be active at a time, and passes cannot be changed mid-event once you have bought either one.

For further gameplay information regarding the Path of Giants, we highly recommend visiting our Empires & Puzzles Community Forum.