2023-06-01, 10:00 UTC: iOS rollout has started.
2023-05-29, 12:00 UTC:
Android rollout has started. We hope to do the same for iOS soon.


Release Notes


Untold Tales Chapter 1: Mysteries of the Deep

Jun 7, 07:00 UTC – Jun 11, 07:00 UTC

  • New stages

    • 28 Normal Levels

    • 28 Hard Levels

  • New Stage Property: Deep Underwater

    • Increasing negative effects happen at different stages as the Oxygen Bar empties. Oxygen is replenished via special tiles.

    • Power Nautilus Shells appear in place of Power Shards. Matched shields of each element have unique powerful effects.

  • New Mana Speed: Changing Tides

    • Mana Speed alternates between Fast and Average based on Special Skill casts

  • New Special Skill type: Evolving

    • Special Skill becomes more powerful after the first cast

  • All-new Rare, Epic, and Legendary Heroes!


Beach Party

Jun 12, 07:00 UTC – Jul 24, 07:00 UTC

  • New Seasonal Event

    • NOTE: Beach Party Summon includes Beach Party AND Sand Empire Heroes

  • New Stage Property: Water Bombs

    • Water Bombs explode when their counter runs out, damaging all Heroes that are of the same element as the Water Bomb and disabling an available Battle Item for 3 turns.

    • Match Water Bombs to build up Water Splash. You can activate Water Splash once you have matched 4 Water Bombs.

    • Water Splash:

      • All enemies receive damage equal to 15% of their max health.

      • All enemies get -50% defense against a given element (one element is chosen at random) for 4 turns.

  • All-new Rare, Epic, and Legendary Heroes!

    • Beach Party Family Bonus:

      • Bonus for 1/2/3 Heroes: -20%/-40%/-60% damage received from damage-over-time status effects. The members of this family also have additional perks in the Beach Party event.

Solstice Summon

Jun 20, 07:00 UTC – Jun 26, 07:00 UTC

  • We're preparing a special midsummer celebration — keep an eye out for more details!

Path of Giants

Will be enabled AFTER all players have updated to Version 58

  • New recurring 28-day event in which players will be able to complete a variety of challenges to earn points, reach milestones, and unlock great rewards!


Aether Reset Token

  • Takes a Limit Broken Hero to their original, non-Limit Broken max level

    • When used, returns all Aethers (both regular & Alpha), Ascension Materials (of all rarities), Emblems (both regular and Golden), and Experience (in the form of Trainer Heroes) that were used to train the Hero post-Limit Break

    • Also returns roughly 50% of the Food and Iron used in the form of Crates

    • Cannot be earned as rewards or purchased via offers — will only be gifted for free in certain situations

  • NOTE: All players will be gifted 3 Aether Reset Tokens when the Big Balance Update goes live


Epic Tome of Experience & Legendary Tome of Experience

  • Tomes of Experience will no longer remove Ascension Material requirements when used to level up Limit Broken Heroes, but instead give the player a certain amount of Trainer Heroes. Food, Iron and Experience costs will still be fully covered.

  • NOTE: This change will go through AFTER the Big Balance Update goes live


  • Big Balance Update incoming: More information will be shared soon through a separate announcement

  • Change to Journey Family Bonus: For 1/2/3 members, 50%50%/75%/100% chance to increase the duration of status effects cast by the Hero by 1/2/3 turns

  • Max health reduction effects are now more effective against boosted health

    • When a target with boosted health is hit by a Special Skill that reduces max health by N, the Special Skill will now first remove boosted health by N (same value) and THEN reduce max health by N. Boosted health removal only applies to boosted health and cannot affect original max health.

    • EXAMPLE: If a target with 1000 original max health and 200 boosted health is hit by a Special Skill that reduces max health by 300, the target will become 700/700 (boosted health removal will apply first and take away the 200 boosted health — then max health reduction will apply and take away 300 max health).

  • Covenant Quest stage adjustment

    • Increased enemy stats in stages 8–10



  • Added a warning popup for when an attempted Ascension or Level Up of a Hero will cause an existing Team to exceed the player's Team Cost Cap

  • Corrected the duration of the "you won't receive rewards from Monster Island if you leave your Alliance now" warning message

  • For visual clarity, mid-battle floating text shown when a Family Bonus effect activates will now simply display "Family Bonus" instead of the specific Family Name

  • Updated the icon used for the status ailment Anne inflicts



  • Addressed the following audio/visual issues:

    • Bellerive's Special Skill animation sometimes playing on a dead enemy

    • Bellerive's Special Skill animation sometimes playing on the wrong enemy

    • Boss enemy preview not displaying in Season III Province 34-10

    • Costume Fenrir's Special Skill missing its animation and sound effect

    • Heroes' mana bars flashing as if full (despite that not being the case) under certain circumstances in Tower of Magic battles

    • Minions/Fiends sometimes still displaying on dead Heroes' battle UI portraits

    • Sorrow's Special Skill description text saying "cleansed" instead of "dispelled"

  • Addressed the following corner-case issues:

    • Captain of Diamonds' Special Skill not properly "continuing" to the next target under certain circumstances

    • Players getting "stuck" on Monster Island under very specific circumstances

  • Added missing max HP cap for certain Minions

    • FUN FACT: Minions have a max HP cap of 1,000 — this mechanic has been in the game for a while!

  • Blocked a loophole that could allow a Team exceeding the Team Cost Cap to be used

  • Bonus health gained from the Monster Island Event Bonus now functions correctly

  • Griffex's Special Skill no longer adds mana to other allied Griffex Heroes

  • Lord Loki no longer copies the "wrong" version of Xnolphod's Special Skill when facing Xnolphod as a Covenant Quest boss enemy

    • Previously would weaken, instead of empower, shields on the player's board

  • Obtaining a non-Legendary Hero and Costume(s) in a single Costume Chamber 

  • Summon no longer incorrectly counts as multiple draws for the Fated Summon counter

    • Please note that this is not a "shadownerf" to the Fated Summon, but a response to a bug that emerged in Version 57 — the Fated Summon counter had been treating such Summon results as single draws in previous versions

  • Special Skills that reset status effect duration no longer incorrectly affect characters in Abyss Ghost form

  • Superior Jinx can no longer incorrectly cause a reviving Hero to get stuck in Ghost form instead of properly resurrecting