2023-03-17, 8:30 UTC:  Version 56 is now fully released on both platforms. Please update your game!

2023-03-13, 12:00 UTC : Android rollout has started. We hope to do the same for iOS soon.

Release Notes



Mar. 27, 07:00 UTC – May 1, 07:00 UTC

  • New Legendary Springvale Heroes
    • Archie
    • Jasper

Alpha Aethers & Aether Powers

Mar. 20

  • Alpha Aethers
    • Limit Break your Heroes a second time with Alpha Aethers to unlock 5 more levels
    • Heroes that have reached this new max level gain access to their own Aether Power
    • All players will receive a gift of 10 Alpha Aethers when this feature goes live
    • Alpha Aethers now may be obtained as loot from:
      • Mirages of Omega quests
      • Rare Wanted Missions
      • Rare Titans
      • Alliance War Chests
      • Mystic Vision
  • Aether Powers
    • A Hero with an unlocked Aether Power receives its effect as a buff at the start of a battle
    • Aether Power effects are dispellable
  • Full list of current Aether Powers:
    • Ailment Immunity
    • Ailment Reflect
    • Attack Up
    • Boosted Regen
    • Bulwark
    • Counterattack
    • Damage Reduction
    • Defense Up
    • Dodge
    • Fiend Resist
    • Gamble
    • Heal Increase
    • Knight’s Endurance
    • Mana Boost
    • Rage
    • Regen
    • Revive
    • Special Boost
    • Special Armor
    • Taunt
    • Vampire

Aether Summon

Apr. 3, 07:00 UTC – Apr. 5, 07:00 UTC

  • All Aether Summons produce “Combos”
    • Combos contain Aethers & Trainer Heroes of varying rarities
  • 1 Aether Summon = 10 Aether Crystals
    • Aether Summons cannot be made with Gems
  • All players will receive a gift of 50 Aether Crystals when this feature goes live

Contest of Elements: Fire

Mar. 27, 07:00 UTC – Mar. 30, 07:00 UTC

  • Contest of Elements: Fire
    • 10 stages
    • Only Fire Heroes can be used
    • Hero Roster Mastery
      • Non-Super Elemental Heroes can be used up to 2 times in the event
        • Costumes are not considered separate Heroes and will share this upper limit with their “base” Hero
      • Super Elemental Heroes can be used up to 5 times
    • Battle Item capacity is doubled
    • Unique rules for this event:
      • All shields on the board — regardless of element — will release Fire Troops when matched
      • Matching non-Fire Shields:
        • Gives some amount of mana to all of your Heroes
      • Matching Fire Shields:
        • Gives twice as much mana compared to non-Fire shields
        • Always releases “Strong” attacks (= as if there’s an elemental advantage)
        • Charges up Elemental Chaos
      • Elemental Chaos
        • Turns random non-Fire shields into Fire shields
        • Matches made as a result of Elemental Chaos do not charge Elemental Chaos
  • Super Elemental Summon: Fire
    • All Fire Heroes older than 180 days are obtainable from this Super Elemental Summon. (180-day restriction does not apply to new Contest of Elements Heroes.)
    • New Super Elemental Heroes:
      • Legendary
        • Doxan
        • Ignazio
    • Bonus Trainer Heroes
      • Making 5 Super Elemental Summons grants you 2 Bonus Trainer Hero draws
    • Super Elemental Bonus Chest: Fire

Challenge Festival I

Apr. 20, 07:00 UTC – Apr. 24, 07:00 UTC

  • New Legendary Avalon Hero
    • Green Knight
  • New Avalon Hero Costumes
    • Legendary
      • Guinevere
    • Epic
      • Merlin



  • Added a selection refresh countdown timer to the Fated Summon
  • Battle Info UI now displays bonuses in a clearer and more compact way
  • Hero Portraits in the Museum no longer look slightly squeezed
  • Improved description text for the following:
    • Abilities that reflect status ailments and negative Stacks
      • Now states that this reflect does not apply to effects cast by allied characters, Minions owned by allied characters, and Fiends owned by allied characters
    • Cupido’s Special Skill
      • Healing Gift → Mindless Heal
      • Reworded Special Skill description for clarity
    • Felton, Kitty, and Milady de Winter’s reflection effects
    • Malosi’s Special Skill
    • Season V Unique Boss stage property
    • War of the Three Kingdoms Skirmish Rules text
      • Now also mentions the Journey Family
  • Improved icons for certain status effects/ailments and Passives


  • Addressed the following visual issues:
    • Certain Special Skills’ animations not playing if their effect was resisted
  • Alpha Apep (Season V enemy) no longer resists its own element swap effect
  • Covenant Quest enemies no longer generate mana faster than intended
  • Editing building locations no longer sometimes makes the Museum disappear
  • Elemental Barriers no longer incorrectly block status ailments from Fiends summoned by Heroes of other elements
  • Erebus now correctly blocks Minion summons even when the summoner dies mid-cast
  • Gilligan’s Passive now has the correct icon
  • Mindless Attack no longer fails to prevent certain boss enemies’ and Titans’ normal attacks
  • Mindless Heal no longer heals Titans or Mythic Titans
  • Mystery Family now gets properly sorted by origin in Hero Roster View
  • Queen Guowang’s incorrect Special Skill description text edited to match actual functionality
    • [OLD] If Vengeance is dispelled by an enemy Special Skill
    • [NEW] If Vengeance is dispelled by a Special Skill
  • Season V Final Boss no longer revives allies even when afflicted with a status ailment that prevents revival
  • Solved a few small bugs pertaining to Starter Quest UI
  • Status effects with “as long as”-conditions no longer incorrectly interact with Greed
  • Titanium Shield now displays correct text in Battle Info UI