2022-11-25, 12:40 UTC: Version 53 is now fully released on both platforms. Please update your game!

2022-11-22, 06:40 UTC: Android rollout has started. We hope to do the same for iOS soon.

Release Notes


Monster Island
Nov. 29, 07:00 UTC – Dec. 2, 07:00 UTC

Event Details
  • Goal
    • Work together with your Alliance and explore Monster Island!
    • Earn points by discovering new areas, defeating enemies, and opening chests
    • Rewards are based on global Alliance rank and event difficulty
  • Difficulty
    • Alliances are assigned an event difficulty based on their Titan performance
    • Each difficulty has a different leaderboard
    • Value of rewards increase with higher difficulties
  • Monster Island Energy
    • Moving and attacking consumes Monster Island Energy
    • Attacking enemies multiple times progressively consumes more Energy
    • Energy is replenished after a certain amount of time
  • Enemies
    • Apex Monsters
      • Powerful monsters with a lot of health
      • Dealt damage persists between attacks
    • Monster Hordes
      • Enemies attack in a group of up to 20 monsters
      • Several attacks are needed to defeat all monsters and completely clear the Horde
      • A new Horde will take the place of a defeated Horde after a certain period of time
  • Permanent damage
    • Heroes take 20% of incoming damage as permanent damage
    • Permanent damage cannot be healed back during the event
  • Other
    • Campsite
      • You can only edit your Team and Items within this area
      • Battle Items are only refilled when you return to the Campsite
    • Treasure Chests
      • Contain loot
      • The loot is randomly distributed amongst Alliance members at the end of the event
    • Relic Chests
      • Contain Relics that buff all Alliance members’ Heroes
    • Chest Keys
      • Used to open Treasure and Relic Chests
      • All Apex Monsters and some Monster Hordes drop Chest Keys when defeated
      • Keys are shared with the whole Alliance and anyone can use them to unlock Chests
New Plains Hunter Family
  • The "Monster Hunter" Family has been renamed to the "Plains Hunter" Family
New Abyss Hunter Family
  • Heroes
    • Legendary
      • Otis
      • Goretooth
    • Epic
      • Bogart
    • Rare
      • Basil
  • Abyss Hunter Family Bonus
    • Bonus for 2/3/4/5 Heroes: +5%/+10%/+15%/+20% defense
Event Bonus
  • Plains Hunter Heroes and Abyss Hunter Heroes receive the following perks in Monster Island:
    • +20% attack, +20% defense, +20% health
    • 50% less permanent damage taken
    • Stack (Max: 10): When this character casts their Special Skill, all enemies get -3% defense

Santa’s Challenge
Dec. 1, 07:00 UTC – Jan. 1, 07:00 UTC
  • Santa’s Booster
    • Gives extra rewards for completing Santa’s Challenge stages
    • Empowers all of your Heroes in Santa’s Challenge stages
      • Rare, Uncommon, and Common Heroes: +50% attack, +50% defense, +50% HP
      • Epic Heroes: +25% attack, +25% defense, +25% HP
      • Legendary Heroes: +15% attack, +15% defense, +15% HP
  • New Winter Family Heroes
    • Augustus
    • Buster
    • Peppermint
    • Sugarplum
    • Tinsel

Alliance Quest: Musketeers
Dec. 14, 07:00 UTC – Dec. 19, 07:00 UTC
  • New Musketeer Heroes
    • Legendary
      • D'Artagnan
      • Athos
      • Aramis
      • Porthos
      • Queen Anne
    • Epic
      • Villiers
    • Musketeers have increased attack, defense, and health in Brave Musketeers stages
  • Musketeer Family Bonus
    • Bonus for 1/2/3 Heroes: 50%/75%/100% chance to give Cover to a random ally for 6 turns when this Hero casts their Special Skill. Covered characters will not receive damage from normal attacks or Special Skills. Characters providing Cover will receive 50%/25%/10% of the damage nullified by their Cover.
    • Cover
      • A character cannot Cover oneself
      • Cover can only be provided to one ally at a time
      • Cover cannot be dispelled
      • Cover ends if the character providing Cover is defeated
      • Covering an already Covered Hero will refresh Cover duration
  • Event Effects
    • All for One!
      • Courage Shields and Courage Gems appear in place of Dragon Shields and Power Shards, respectively
        • Courage Shield: Explodes in a small cross. When matched, dispels buffs from all enemies.
        • Courage Gem: Explodes in a large cross across the board. When matched, dispels buffs from all enemies.
        • The Shields and Gems' power increases each turn by +20%.
    • Fortification
      • Every 3 turns, all enemies get the following status effects:
        • -50% reduction of all received damage
        • Counterattack with 100% of the damage received
    • Absolute Resolve
      • Damage that enemies receive and mana generated by Heroes are reduced every time you use a Special Skill or a Battle Item

Contest of Elements: Nature
Dec 5, 07:00 UTC – Dec 8, 07:00 UTC
  • Contest of Elements: Nature
    • 10 stages
    • Only Nature Heroes can be used
    • Hero Roster Mastery
      • Heroes can be used up to 2 times in the event
        • Costumes are not considered separate Heroes and will share this upper limit with their "base" Hero
      • Contest of Elements Event Heroes can be used up to 5 times
    • Battle Item capacity is doubled
    • Unique rules for this event:
      • All shields on the board — regardless of element — will release Nature Troops when matched
      • Matching non-Nature Shields:
        • Gives some amount of mana to all of your Heroes
      • Matching Nature Shields:
        • Gives twice as much mana compared to non-Nature shields
        • Always releases "Strong" attacks (= as if there's an elemental advantage)
        • Charges up Elemental Chaos
      • Elemental Chaos
        • Turns random non-Nature shields into Nature shields
        • Matches generated with Elemental Chaos do not charge Elemental Chaos
  • Super Elemental Summon: Nature
    • All Nature Heroes older than 180 days are obtainable from this Super Elemental Summon. (180-day restriction does not apply to new Contest of Elements Heroes.)
    • New Super Elemental Heroes:
      • Legendary
        • Roz
        • Xandrella
      • Super Elemental Family Bonus: At the end of each turn, for every ally (including this Hero) that shares this Hero's element, one shield of this Hero's element turns into a Power Gem. A Power Gem will deal damage to a random enemy each turn until matched. Power Gems do not fire on the turn they spawn. New Power Gems will not spawn if there are already 5 Power Gems of that element on the board.
    • Super Elemental Bonus Chest: Nature

War of the Three Kingdoms
Jan. 2, 07:00 UTC –  Jan. 7, 07:00 UTC
  • New Journey Hero
    • Erlang Shen
  • Journey Family Bonus
    • Bonus for 1/2/3 Heroes: +50% chance to increase the duration of status effects cast by this Hero for +1/+2/+3 turns
  • Journey Heroes also receive Morale Boost (War of the Three Kingdoms event bonus)


  • Edited for clarity the following description texts:
    • Alliance War Chest participation and rewards
    • Alliance War "opt out" pop-up
    • Barbarian Talent
    • "Complete Underwater Stages" Daily Challenge
    • Kravekrush's Special Skill
    • Superior Jinx
  • Food Bundles added as rewards to certain stages in The Masquerade
  • Hero Roster view usability improvements
    • Added "Scroll to Top" and "Scroll to Bottom" buttons
    • Classic Family icon now only displayed for fully Ascended Classic Heroes
    • ON/OFF toggle for prioritizing teams
  • Text color in Superior Class Talent UI adjusted for readability
  • You can now also check Limit Broken + fully Emblemed stats for Heroes in the Summon Gate
    • Talent Nodes on the LEFT side of the tree are taken for these previews
    • Previous default stats (fully leveled, not Limit Broken, no Emblems) are also still visible — use the toggle button on the Hero card to switch between the two settings

  • Added a "Time Left" countdown timer to Covenant Quest
  • Added Mighty Pets Event Challenges to Path of Valor
  • Addressed the following visual issues:
    • Alliance Quest UI not immediately recognizing whether an Alliance has unlocked the next difficulty tier
    • Animation not playing when a Hero casts their Special Skill against an enemy of the same Element behind an Elemental Barrier
    • HP bars occasionally failing to reflect the actual HP values of Heroes with health steal mechanics
  • Addressed an old issue in which matched tiles would sometimes stay stuck in place when a player Continues a battle with Gems after losing their last Hero to counterattack damage
    • The game will now let any ongoing cascades conclude before Continuing the battle
  • Caught a bug causing offer icons to be displayed when viewing the Event/Quests map
  • Covenant Summon carousel now correctly displays information for Costume Marjana
  • Covenant Quest enemy preview no longer displays incorrect values for certain Special Skills
  • Monster Hunter Family has been renamed to Plains Hunter Family
  • Rhys's Passive no longer incorrectly reduces mana generated from "Start Battle With Mana" Passives
  • Rhys's Passive now correctly reduces mana generated from Special Skills of the following Heroes: Alucard, Fenrir, Grimble, Misandra, Topaz
  • Toto (Legendary Hero from Mighty Pets) has been renamed to Max
  • Typo removed from Superior Class Talent UI
  • "Wave N/N" announcement UI no longer missing from certain event/map/quest stages