If you have problems while trying to update the game, please try the following:

Clear Apps Cache

  1. Go to Settings, then Apps and finally All
  2. Select Play Store, then Clear Cache & Data
  3. Select Puzzle Combat app, then Clear Cache & Data
  4. Try updating the game again

Unmount SD card

  1. Go to Settings, then Storage and finally Unmount SD Card
  2. Try downloading the game again
  3. Re-Mount SD Card by Navigating to Settings, then Storage, then Re-mount SD Card

Reinstall Google Play Store

  1. Go to Settings, then Apps and finally All
  2. Select Google Play Store, then Uninstall Updates
  3. Try updating the game again

Make sure that power saving mode is not enabled

1. Navigate to Apps > Settings
2. Tap Search, then search for and select Power saving mode
3. Tap Off

Reset Your Device Resolution

On some high-end Android devices, resolution might cause a device to appear (incorrectly) incompatible.
  1. Go to Settings, then Display and finally Screen Resolution
  2. Reset your resolution to the maximum setting.
Please make sure you have connected your game to Google Play before trying to reinstall it. For more information please check out Save your progress with Google Play! (Android)