Oct 31, 2019, 8:55 AM UTC: We have now started the update for both Android & iOS. Please update your game!

Release Notes

  • Four new heroes: Rashan, Zidane, Logan and Aiko
  • Balance changes to battle difficulty, level progression and hero skill level ups
  • Weapon disassembly rates increased for 2 and 3 star weapons
  • Skillbook drop rates increased
  • Jennifer's special skill change: Combat Boost has been removed, Agent Shot added (damage to single target)
  • Ryan's special skill change: Wild Shots now deals damage to all enemies
  • Upgrading weapons now consumes food instead of iron
  • Indicators for Weapon level up and special skill upgrade available
  • New missions with mission shortcuts and help pop-ups
  • Basic chat rooms
  • Advanced tutorials
  • Various UI Improvements and bug fixes